Armoured Vehicles Europe

Defence IQis proud to present Armoured Vehicles Europe 2010, the first conference designed to cater for the Eastern and Central European, Baltic and Balkan market.

The agenda drills down to the key topics required to understand this unique region, which is fast becoming one of the most crucial defence markets. Sessions focus on:

  • Case studies from the US, UK, Czech Republic, Lithuania, India, NATO:
    Providing attendees the opportunity to gain the best operational effect from your land forces, increase survivability and lethality, manage maintenance logistics on coalition operations and upgrade legacy capabilities to NATO standards
  • Developing international defence partnerships that offer value to both the customer and supplier:
    Ensure regional high-tech capacities can be harnessed through cooperation or offset programmes and how to make this happen
  • Understanding the capabilities that the regions require:
    Learn which products are best placed to succeed and why the military could opt for them