BPM Summit, Europe


PEX Network's BPM Summit, Europe - Enabling strategic growth and improved performance through Business Process Management

June 25-27, 2013, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

These articles are part of a content series leading up to PEX Network's European BPM Summit taking place this June in Amsterdam. Janne Ohtonen and other BPM leaders like him will be sharing thoughts on the benefits of End to End process management, harmonised process practice and embedding an enterprise-wide process framework.

The BPM Summit Europe will focus on:

  • Enabling customer-centric business transformation through robust BPM
  • Delivering across business borders through developed process framework
  • Aligning BPM deployment with strategic business goals to deliver valuable transformation
  • Embedding a culture of continuous change management to ensure sustainable BPM
  • Harmonising people, process and technology to achieve a cohesive BPM strategy for success

To find out more or register for the event please click here.