Department of Commerce of Jiangsu Province

Department of Commerce of Jiangsu Province

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  • Shao Ping

  • TBC
    TBC, 210008

To implement state laws, regulations, and policies governing domestic and foreign trade and international economic cooperation; to draft and implement relevant local laws and regulations; to formulate the strategies for developing provincial commerce, and relevant implementation plans; to monitor and analyze the operation of the commercial sector; to study the development trends of economic globalization, regional economic cooperation and modern distribution patterns and distribution system reform, and give proposals. To advance the structural readjustment of distribution industries, guide the reform of distribution enterprises, the development of commercial and trade services, as well as community commerce, put forward policies and proposals for promoting the small and medium-sized enterprises in commerce and trade areas, and promote distribution standardization and such modern distribution modalities as chain store operation, franchising, and logistics; to formulate relevant policies, measures, standards and rules for e-commerce development, and advance relevant administrative work.

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