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  • Jim Brown
  • +44 (0)20 7544 4866
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  • 16 Great Queen Street,
    London, WC2B 5AH


Fluency simplifies the accounting process for businesses with operations in multiple territories by delivering financial information centrally through a secure online portal. The service is coordinated by one team of named contacts based in the UK who understand your business and speak your language. This team works with dedicated local partner firms who gather, collate and format the financial information of our clients’ worldwide subsidiaries. Our online accounting portal is a completely secure network so clients can be assured of the safety of their financial information. The online system allows for global access to financial reports, requiring only Internet Explorer and an access token, 24 hours a day. Financial reports are produced in a format that is tailored to the requirements of individual clients, taking into account local accounting regulations. We can produce consolidated group reports as well as individual subsidiary reports in the local language and currency. All reports can be downloaded from Fluency’s online accounting portal and access to these reports can be controlled on a hierarchical basis. Our systems are SOC 1 accredited meaning businesses that are governed by Sarbanes-Oxley legislation can rely on the quality of our services. Our services can be entirely tailored to individual client needs and can cover: Maintenance of ledgers Management reporting VAT compliance Payroll Expense management Foreign exchange brokerage

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