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IDA Ireland is the Irish Government agency with responsibility for promoting and supporting foreign direct investment in Ireland. The agency manages an investor portfolio of over 1,150 international companies, employing more than 166,000 people and generating total exports of €122 billion. Client companies include leading firms from sectors such as Life Sciences, Information and Communication Technology, Software, Engineering, Digital Media, Games, and International Financial Services. Ireland has an excellent track record as a location for the delivery of global business services. It was in the early 1990s that Ireland’s highly skilled workforce and low-risk, pro-business environment first drew international companies to choose Ireland as their base for centralising functional support activities. Ireland’s business environment has evolved to become one of the world’s best for multifunctional and multijurisdictional enterprise business services. Today some of the world’s top companies, such as Coca-Cola, Google, EMC, VMware, Pfizer, Whirlpool and Accenture call Ireland home for their Enterprise Business Services centres.

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