IDT Biologika GmbH

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  • Sonja Stoyantschova - Head of New Business Development
  • + 49 (0) 34901 885 5898

  • Am Pharmapark
    06861 Dessau-Rosslau,

IDT operates one of Europe’s premiere integrated biological and pharmaceutical development and manufacturing facilities. We are a global supplier to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. With decades of experience developing our own products as well as those of pharmaceutical industry third parties, we understand the needs of our customers when it comes to responsiveness, state-of-the-art technology and integrated solutions. The company focuses on four core areas – pharmaceuticals, vaccines, animal health and quality control. IDT Biologika specializes in the development and manufacture of sterile liquid and lyophilized biopharmaceuticals and viral and bacterial vaccines, providing fully-integrated services ranging from formulation development and clinical manufacturing through to large-scale production, packaging and quality control.

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