International Defence Logistics

International Defence Logistics 2009

Bringing together senior logisticians from Defence organisations across the globe, International Defence Logistics is a unique event in Australia offering you the opportunity to gain an international perspective on the challenges you face.

Defence logistics are fraught complexities and uncertainties.

Overcoming these issues and ensuring the appropriate military capabilities are provided in the right place and at the right time is no simple task. Fresh thinking, innovation and creative problem solving is required to overcome today’s challenges. And such creativity requires the meeting of those with a common purpose, to stimulate knowledge sharing and the exchange of ideas.

It is undisputed that at the heart of a successful Defence Force lies a high performing logistics system that is able to respond to unforseen changes and threats. Ultimately the Defence Forces’ military capability hinges upon the strength of these logistics systems and the team that manage them. In an age where terrorist attacks are a real and increasing risk across the globe, logisticians need to be able to plan for any eventuality in readiness for strategic threats to international logistics. A strong partnership between Defence and industry is necessary so that together, you can plan for such threats and ensure the Defence Force has robust and fl exible logistics systems in place.

International Defence Logistics is that platform for Defence and industry to come together to discuss how you can continue to deliver an improved service to all units of the Defence Force into the future. Make the most of this important gathering of experts from across the globe.