Life-Ladner institute for endurance AG

The Competence Centre to make transformations more efficient and effective!

Life focuses on helping you to fulfil your organisational purpose, strengthens your change-fitness and delivers value add with minimum amounts of your time and effort at a minimal pre-defined fixed cost.

Problems and challenges associated with change are minimised as we work behind the scenes supporting you where the hearts, the heads and the hands of the organisation meet, to mobilise available resources efficiently, minimise any loss of productivity and increase the speed and effectiveness of change. In doing so we promote the desired not the undesired effects of change and ensure the delivery of sustainable solutions.  We unite stakeholders to ensure that the organisation quickly adapts, and enable you to focus on what really counts to “boost the competitive advantage”.

We are a firm of pragmatic processes bringing into live the knowledge residing in your organization. Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution combines these processes with the latest technology to make transformations measurable and (more) predictable. You will experience improved success rates and the development of a sustainable competitive advantage.