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Managed Service Solutions

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MSS is a leading provider of graphical governance and performance solutions for shared services, outsourcing and multi-vendor management. Clearly the world has moved to complex service delivery and partnering models, predominantly shared services and outsourcing. MSS are trying to get organisations to stop governing shared services, critical vendor relationships, service delivery, projects, and financials with tons of manually produced Excel, Word and PowerPoint documents - typically resulting in 20-50 page monthly reports that don’t get read. MSS’s core message is “joined up governance”. Governance data often exists but this challenge is it’s disconnected. MSS is joining up service delivery governance with project governance, vendor governance, financial governance and risks/issues/actions governance within a single system designed for executives. Our approach is to “switch-on” this cloud based collaborative solution, automatically aggregate your existing governance information, and build visual scorecards, dashboards and progress reports to enable senior executives to see the complete picture. This approach to governance and performance management is currently being used at many global and regional corporations such as Unisys, T-systems, Ordnance Survey, Astrazeneca, BBC, ITV, Old Mutual, Essex County Council, Atos, The Telegraph, and many more. Join our governance practitioners on stand xx for a chat and demonstration.

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