National Recruitment and Retention Summit 2010

Critical Human Capital Strategies for Australia’s Tight Labour Market


As Australia continues to emerge from the global financial crisis, all kinds of industries across the country are beginning to rebound and expand.

With this expansion comes jobs, and as employment opportunities continue to grow the country again finds itself stuck in a similar skills shortage that it faced before markets began to fall in 2008.

While Federal Government initiatives may soon be on the way to bring more skilled people into the workplace and ease the shortage, the immediate future remains turbulent.

The strategies and practices you employ must be tailored to your own organisation. These days, recruiting has become intensely competitive and retaining quality staff has never been so challenging.

With so relatively few skilled workers available, companies will not only have to worry about finding someone suited and qualified to a particular role, but also making them choose them over another company.

And then there is also the question of retaining the skilled staff they already have.

So, if you currently under pressure to develop or deliver unique recruitment and retention strategies, then this Summit is for you.