PEX Institute - Belt Training

PEX Institute - Belt Training

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  • Natalie Evans
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    London, SW1V 1JX

Central to process excellence is the ability to run successful projects and to do things as efficiently as possible. Our courses provide the skills to effectively eliminate waste, reduce variability, eradicate errors, and improve customer service. If you're looking to advance your career and build your skills then our PEX Institute Online Green and Black Belt Courses may just be what you need to take the extra step. As all the courses are conducted online, all you'll need is an internet connection and to have booked your course & the best thing is you can benefit from group and individual learning! Blended online learning offering self-paced online modules, student guides and instructor-led virtual sessions concentrated on execution. Each course includes rigorous team-oriented Capstone Project Simulation featuring hands-on tool usage, data analysis, simulations and tollgate reviews.

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