Process Excellence Regional Forum - Central Eastern Europe

Welcome to the first CEE forum in IQPC’s brand new Process Excellence Regional Forum: Designed specifically with the Central Eastern European community in mind, this is your opportunity to meet and learn from the real movers and shakers in your corner of the world!

The last 2 years have been difficult across Central Eastern Europe, we are sitting on the edge of the recovery and the companies that will recover the quickest will be those most adaptable to change. How can you make sure you are one of them?

The Process Excellence Regional Forum for Central Eastern Europe brings together the most innovative thinkers in the Business Process Excellence community. Extraordinary results will be what drives success in the coming months, your process excellence initiatives need to stake centre stage as the business grows!

The programme has been created exclusively through research with organisations in the Eastern European region to bring you an event that will enhance your Process Excellence Programmes by helping you to:

  • Increase the engagement among localised Business Process Excellence Communities
  • Tailor your Process Excellence Programme in line with the Eastern European mindset
  • Create long-term, sustainable networks for information exchange between companies and operations local to you

Download the working agenda to see the topics that will be bringing the Central and Eastern European process excellence community together.

Over the course of the two day forum, not only will there be fantastic opportunities for you to make countless local contacts, the topics covered have been carefully tailored through direct research with the Central Eastern market. We can assure you that the issues we cover will be drawn from the focus of the local community.

Psyche up your business for success and drive transformational change ahead of opportunities for aggressive growth and recovery! Make sure you’re there at the Process Excellence Regional Forum for Central Eastern Europe.