Talent Management Summit Canada


Managing the Business of Recruiting, Developing and Retaining Canada’s Top Employees

The need for leadership development is critical, and companies are finding it increasingly difficult to fill the vacant positions left by their experienced personnel. In addition, recruitment and engagement tools for today’s employees have dramatically changed in the last decade; giving human capital and talent management professionals a new set of challenges to address. The success of today’s companies depends on the ability to effectively identify, recruit, develop, retain and promote high-potential employees.

IQPC’s Talent Management Summit Canada brings together leaders that will address key issues to help you develop and refine talent management strategies to ensure your organization retains its competitive advantage.

Network with Talent Management Leaders on Top Solutions Including:
RECRUIT and ONBOARDING talent to meet future personnel needs
DEVELOP effective leadership capacity to sustain performance and competitive advantage
BUILD a talent strategy in line with your organizational goals
SUCCESSION PLANNING to keep the pipeline of capable employees that are able to address future business challenges
ENGAGE employees through a flexible and healthy corporate culture
EXECUTE the necessary processes to engage and evaluate employee performance