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UiPath’s innovations track record has made it the leading technology provider for the Robotic Process Automation industry. Our products automate across all internal or web-based applications/databases and have unmatched solutions for Citrix and SAP. Our industry standard enterprise architecture enables UiPath products to easily fit within global IT environments and comply with all security requirements. Our market focus is on the insurance, BFS, healthcare, utilities, outsourcing and shared services industries. Customer response to our process automation products has been tremendous: we’ve added 100 worldwide accounts in the last twelve months alone and 12 of the world's largest BPO firms. UiPath’s new product line delivers customer value through Front Office and Back Office automation capabilities. These are highly scalable platforms that help organizations build clean-cut customer experiences, motivate employees to be more effective, lower the costs, and improve operational accuracy. The product suites include: • UiPath Studio - A state of the art process designer allowing business users to model processes using a Visio style drag and drop interface with pre-built, customizable actions. • The Agent Assistant Robots. Front office employees get a robot’s help in real time. • The Back Office Self Driving Robots are scheduled to tackle large process volumes autonomously. They can be deployed, monitored and managed remotely from a browser-based console. • The Front Office Server and the Back Office Server deploy and manage hundreds of robots at warp speed. Both servers have the innovative capability to aggregate all log files into a browser-based dashboard of advanced analytics. • the Robot API, a web service that allows for full integration with other systems, opening up and strengthening the conversation between RPA, BPMs and ERP. To learn more about UiPath and see how our technology will transform your company’s performance and costs, visit us at www.uipath.com

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