11th Annual Lean Six Sigma & Business Excellence

Companies are placing an ever increasing focus on lean six sigma and other business excellence improvement tools. In times of external economic uncertainties, it is imperative to drive improved productivity and cost savings via internal measures. To emerge stronger from the downturn, companies need to be quick and smart in their responses, and be innovative in finding ways to cut waste and improve service levels. It is crucial to pick the right strategies for your process improvement and deployment strategies so as to deliver value to your organization.

The crux of the matter lies in finding good problem solving tools and implementing proper change management. Join us at the 2010 Lean Six Sigma & Business Excellence conference to find out about the latest lean six sigma tools and business excellence methodologies, solutions and soft skills used to eliminate waste and improve your organization’s bottom line.
Get the essentials at the 2010 Lean Six Sigma & Business Excellence conference:
  • Learn pre-emptive steps to error-proof your processes and achieve quality delivery
  • Implement new and innovative tools of LSS for enhanced cost savings and productivity
  • Develop a long term goal of imbuing a continuous improvement mentality and innovation
  • Apply best practises of established organisations to identify value-added steps, cut waste and tackle bottlenecks
  • Analyse key techniques to drive down costs whilst generating top line business value through next generation process improvement

Focus on:
  • Achieving real cost savings and increasing productivity
  • Shortening time taken to implement a lean six sigma project
  • Ensuring excellence in customer experience
  • Driving organisational value and sustainable change
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