11th Annual Process Excellence Summit, London

There's no question that with the economic down-turn negatively affecting business globally you need to re-assess your core operational processes and re-engineer a new way of working to prepare yourself for the upturn. At the 11th Annual Process Excellence Summit you'll receive exclusive access to hand tailored sessions designed to give you the power to turnaround your company's operations and keep profits high:

  • Developing internal talent to guarantee enhanced performance from your Process Excellence programme from 2010 onwards
  • Incite quality and operational excellence improvement projects that preserve and improve profit margins, and aid recovery
  • Building a customer focused culture to boost customer confidence and drive your organisation onward and upward
  • Delivering substantial improvements using basic techniques such as Lean for company-wide buy-in for Process Excellence
  • Sustaining and evolving improvement to enable long tern cost reduction in conjunction with innovation as we move into the upturn
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