12th Annual Call Center Week

A recent J.D. Powers five year study revealed organizations which improved customer service increased shareholder value by 52%, while those organizations whose service declined lost 28% of their value. TARP Worldwide research indicates that 2/3 of customers in most markets DO NOT buy primarily based on price; they buy on convenience, service and word of mouth.

As contact centers continue to evolve and add channels of communication – live chat, social media, etc - the approach to workload distribution, staffing, metrics and analytics of a solely phone and email call center have become antiquated. Attend the 12th Annual Call Center Week, June 13-17, to ensure that no channel of contact becomes neglected and you are communicating and listening to customers where they want to be reached.

Topics of discussion will include:

  • Measuring the Impact of Multiple Initiatives on Customer Experience
  • Doubling and Tripling Results by Coaching your People
  • Converting VOC into Actionable Data to Drive Business Results
  • Creating a Culture that Produces Not Only Motivation but ROI!
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