12th Annual Cold Chain & Temperature Management Summit – Canada

What’s New for 2014?

  • Global GDP Compliance: Regulator, Industry and Supporting Agencies Perspectives
  • Domestic & Global Logistics Case Studies
  • Re-Usable, “Green”, Eco-Friendly & Cost Effective Packaging
  • Supply Chain Integrity
  • CRT & Ambient Products
  • Stability Management & Supply Chain Data
  • Quality Distribution & Risk Management
  • Supply Chain Security & Tracking
  • Auditing Wholesalers
  • Last Mile Strategies to Maintain Temperature to Customers – Including Perspective from the Pharmacy Groups
  • Clinical Case Studies
  • Biologics
  • International Shipping and Customs
  • Transport Canada Security Update 2013 Summit Highlights:
  • Network and Share Best Practices with 250+ Industry Colleagues and Supply Chain Stakeholders
  • Meet 30+ Exhibitors Offering the Latest Solutions Available in Canada for Distribution of Quality Control Life Science Products
  • Learn from Cost-Effective Case Studies and Solutions for a Quality Distribution & Management of Temperature Controlled Medicines in Canada
  • Develop Supply Chain Partnerships, Relationships and Effective Communication Throughout your Global Supply Network
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