12th Annual Corporate University Week

Running Training as a Business

Led by a “who’s who” in the world of training and strategic management, the 12th Annual Corporate University Week conference describes the new directions in designing, implementing and delivering productivity boosting learning activities—and integrated on-demand performance support.

Over four days and nearly 70 sessions, the 12th Annual Corporate University Week will analyze nearly every facet of making the internal training organization more effective--from finding high payoff training projects to training a global workforce.

Corporate University Week focuses on new development tools, techniques and approaches to drive this function with quality and results.

Plus, CU Week showcases award winning organizations who are creating training organizations capable of delivering what senior level managements really value, expect and are willing to fund:
1. Aligning training with corporate strategy

2. Making knowledge Management work In an Social Media Era
3. Measuring what really counts
4. Turning corporate universities/internal training organizations into profit centers
5. Making a management development and manager development programs work
6. Improving training economics
7. Managing the global training process by combining a local focus with global reach
8. Exploring the new learning and the new teaching technologies of Web 2.0
9. Reshaping training course development
10. Weighing the Outsourcing Option and Crafting Performance Metrics to Manage Outsourced Activities
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