AMS Roster to Pay AMS solution streamlines Roster to Pay (R2P) for both simple and complex environments. R2P touches many parts of the organisation adds value to each step of the process, connects silo’d systems and does away with inefficient manual process. R2P ensures accuracy, increases efficiency and productivity whilst giving visibility, control and confidence to both management and employees. Delivery of R2P transforms an organisation and delivers best practice outcomes. The people-centric design of AMS R2P enables our customers to benefit from: • Improved management visibility and cost control • Roster optimisation balancing quality and cost • Employee ownership through authenticating timesheets • No more timesheet processing by payroll • Increased employee engagement, satisfaction and confidence • Accuracy in pays, leave and reporting AMS Award Interpreter AMS solution delivers 100% automatic award interpretation with smart and easy configuration it delivers tangible benefits to shared services organisations. No manual processes, changes simply managed. AMS key focus is simplifying complexity to deliver efficiencies and effectiveness that improves the bottom line. Our partnering approach ensures we have solid understanding of our clients and their issues, challenges and aims to deliver real outcomes. Advanced Management Systems Ltd (AMS) has been in business for more than 30 years providing enterprise solutions and services to the public and private sectors. We are a proven, trusted partner for many large organisations.