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Supply Chain & Security
Contributor: Pharma IQ
Posted: 26/07/2016
Pharma IQ
Much growth in the sector is being driven by expansion into developing markets, thus increasing demand for people with international experience. Taking the supply chain as an example, although track-and-trace initiatives should simplify and facilitate logistics in the long-term, in the short term there may be increasing competition for those with specialist knowledge of developing markets. Full Article »
Contributor: Chanice Henry
Posted: 25/02/2016
Pharma IQ spoke to Jean Marc Bobee of Sanofi to find out about what’s next for the market in terms of serialisation. Full Video »
Contributor: Andrew Love
Posted: 06/09/2016
Andrew Love
This next series explains, in a series of learning points, some of the key things that we wish we had known before embarking on our early projects. Full Column »
Contributor: Pharma IQ
Posted: 12/12/2016
Pharma IQ
The world of healthcare has greatly benefitted from enhanced connectivity as a by-product of the digital age. However, this benefit has contributed to exposing medical devices and their softwares to cyber attacks. Malicious digital interferences can be significantly detrimental to patient safety.Ahead of the 2017 Software for Medical Devices conference, Pharma IQ brings you this whitepaper looking at what you need to know in regards to software cyber security to medical devices. Full Whitepaper »