Frozen Platelets & Battlefield Trauma

Miss Chanice Henry
Posted: 08/11/2015

Over 2 million doses of fresh platelets are administered annually in the US, according to BioLife Solutions Inc,. The firm maintains that the frozen storage of therapeutic platelets could improve logistics in caring for hemodynamically unstable patients,  especially in situations where fresh platelets are unable to be collected or administered.

This concept relates to current military research on the use of frozen and thawed platelets. One clinical trial in particular features a US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command and is titled - Phase 1 Safety Study of Dimethyl Sulfoxide Cryopreserved Platelets (CPP1-05), to "evaluate the safety of intravenous (IV) infusion of dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) cryopreserved platelets (CPP) in participants with World Health Organization (WHO) Grade 2 bleed in spite of receiving a transfusion of liquid stored platelets (LSP) in the past 48 hours by collecting adverse events (AEs) and by evaluating coagulation-related parameters to assess the evidence of any thrombotic events after CPP or LSP transfusion."




Mike Rice CEO of BioLife Solutions- which recently launched its product focused on end user cryopreservation, remarked, "We have been monitoring clinical use of frozen platelets for hemodynamically unstable patients and have been in discussions with leading international clinical centers about the need for a stable supply of GMP manufactured, clinical grade freeze media for freezing therapeutic platelets.


“Additionally, there is clearly strong interest to improve battlefield trauma care for wounded warriors.”

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Miss Chanice Henry
Posted: 08/11/2015

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