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Regulatory authorities like the FDA and MHRA expect pharma labs to constantly improve how they safeguard drug quality. There are many data integrity risks for labs to combat Learn more


Pharma IQ takes a look at three buzzwords that have emerged on the back of the drug discovery's digital transformation. Learn more

This whitepaper from Dotmatics demonstrates how research organizations can make their biologics discovery projects more efficient and enhance innovation with better informed decision making. Learn more

AI in Pharma

Drug development approaches a fascinating era as the trend of digitalization introduces sophisticated technologies which can neutralize the costly hazards faced in pharma’s R&D pipelines, according to a new deep-dive study by Pharma IQ Learn more


The need for more speed to the market in biomanufacturing is fuelling the acceptance and implementation of single use systems despite their complications Learn more

bio via wp

After surveying over 1200 life science leaders, this research captures the shared role of quality and manufacturing across enterprise and operational domains in medicine production. Learn more

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Accurate customer data, that is easily accessible is at the heart of what makes pharmaceutical sales reps successful in reaching healthcare professionals (HCPs) and organizations (HCOs). Learn more

Trial Master File Europe 2017

If your company was handed with a notice for a clinical trial inspection right now, what would the reaction be? A feeling of calm confidence or a rush of slight concern? In this ebook Pharma IQ compared the perspectives of a Clinical Research Organisation (CRO) to that of a sponsor concerning the burning topic of trial master file inspection readiness. Learn more


Data hosted in digital lab systems is more vulnerable to corruption and authorized amends if not safeguarded by relevant procedures, password access and audit trails. This whitepaper examines the subject of security and data integrity in the lab. Learn more

386 whitepaper results
of 39