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This infographic explores the obstacles regularly faced by biopharmaceutical organizations, such as rising costs, repeated experiments, lack of searchability and quality assurance.Learn more


Download this troubleshooting guide to explore the important aspects to consider with compound and biosample management IT issues.Learn more

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A state-by-state look at some of Australia’s largest and most innovative health redevelopment projectsLearn more


Richard Royle, Executive Director of UnitingCare Health and Bruce Wolfe, Project Director and CEO at Conrad Gargett Riddel Ancher Mortlock Woolley, talk about the team’s strategy behind designing and building Australia’s first fully integrated digital hospital, exploring the different elements that need to be considered to design and deliver a facility which caters for new technologies.Learn more


Pharma IQ revisits the compound and biobanking markets to pinpoint any shifts or new trends in the market.Learn more


We spoke to CRISPR experts Robin Ketteler and Lorena Benedetti to find out about their work within CRISPR, insights on where the technique is heading and the field’s exciting developments.Learn more

CRISPR Content

CRISPR is now one of the most affordable forms of gene editing causing a boom in R&D over the last few years. However, the technique does have its limitations which include maintaining end to end control on genetic manipulation, avoiding off targets effects and pathway recovery post double strand break.Ahead of the 2017 CRISPR summit Javier Terriente, CSO, ZeClinics and Danilo Maddalo Lab Head ONC Pharmacology,... Learn more

disposables regulation

Unsurprisingly, it can be a challenge for the industry to keep pace with all of these entities and the best practices that they are putting forward. In response to this, Pharma IQ has created this snapshot guide to a election of bodies active within the single-use-systems market to provide insight into their achievements over the past year and potential updates to keep an eye out for.Learn more

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Many life sciences companies are guilty of overlooking the impact of impersonal one-size-fits all email campaigns.Learn more

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Single use systems in biomanufacturing can greatly simplify the path to market. This is due to the reduction of sterilisation time and spend, lowered labor efforts, swifter set up times, lower cross contamination levels and reduced operating costs in the production of pharma products. As a result, many are implementing more single use systems within their production lines. Pharma IQ interviewed its network to pinpoint the specific trends in the industry and forecasts made by market players.Learn more

369 whitepaper results
of 36