The Electronic Logging Device Mandate

The Electronic Logging Device Mandate

Presentation by Bill Mahorney, Chief, Enforcement Division FMCSA, Department of Transportation

As of December 18th, The ELD Mandate was passed in congress - the new rule mandates any driver required to previously keep a paper record of duty status must install an ELD (electronic logging device) in their vehicle which means instant third party verification that Drivers cannot work more than 14 hours a day and not drive more than 11 hours. It’s an open industry secret that truckers lie about how long they spend on the road. In an industry that already has a crippling shortage of drivers and capacity issues, the bandwidth will now shrink as much as 15% more. As of April 1st – the grace period was over. Bill will be addressing how this will affect the supply chain, logging books, hours of service regulations, and shipping/distributors collaboration with truckers. Bill will tie in Compliance with Collaboration as he details the FMCSA’s role within the new regulations.

  • Investing in new tacking systems
  • Creating client animosity and delivery limitation
  • Moderating the new trucking landscape with third part verification
  • Installing Electronic Logging Devices

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