Solving Your Challenges in Data Integration, Data Lake Creation and Advanced Analytics

The 15th Lab Informatics Summit 2019 will bring together senior IT and Lab Informatics leaders from large and small-mid pharma companies to discuss best practice in driving lab efficiencies through practical solutions.

The Summit will combine both the strategic but equally important tactical, day-to-day case studies to overcome crucial challenges in data integration, cloud migration and management, standardization, data lake creation, interoperability and lab scalability. So it’s not just about incoming disruptive trends and broad strategy- but focusing on actual implementation journeys and lessons learnt that will equip the community to solve today’s challenges.

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Top Benefits of Attending:

Practical Takeaways on Data Integration within Lab Informatics:

Learn how your peers and counterparts are executing and implementing data integration within their labs

Customized Content for All Scales:

Whether you are big or small pharma, there is customized content for you in our Interactive Discussion Groups on both days


Source for innovative and tactical solutions to plug and play into your existing lab IT architecture; or find the right LIMS system for you

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