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Pharma Contract Manufacturing - Download the programme

Join us in Munch 3rd-4th September 2020 for Pharma Contract Manufacturing, Europe’s only conference entirely focused on building and maintaining effective relationships with your external manufacturers.

Are you breaking in to the pharma manufacturing market?

Achieve your promotional goals before, during and after the event, through email campaigns, brochure drops and tailored website coverage.

PCM provides the platform to connect with potential customers, initiate new business relationships and achieve face-to-face contact that overcrowded tradeshows cannot deliver. 

Establish yourself as a thought leader - Gain competitive edge by presenting your products and services to those actively looking for guidance, and with a remit to buy.

What you have to look forward to: 

  • Bringing together the manufacturing community for an industry leading community event
  • Solely focused on building and maintaining effective relationships with your external manufacturers
  • The most senior and interactive conference of it’s kind
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Selecting and Managing your CMO network

Pharma IQ surveyed over 50 industry professionals, and accompanied by commentary from Ulrich Ruemenapp, Head of Launch Preparation, Bayer this report will take an in-depth look at the most important components when selecting a CMO, the greatest risks when choosing to outsource and best practises for managing CMO networks.

Entering Unfamiliar Markets: CMO Selection & Management in Latin America

Emerging markets can be highly competitive in terms of price when looking to outsource manufacturing, and with many technology advances they are catching up in with more developed regions in other areas.

We spoke to Luiz Barberini, Operations Manager - External Manufacturing Latin America, Bayer to discuss with him the latest trends and opportunities, and the specific challenges of outsourcing in a less developed regions. 

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This piece will cover:

  • The latest trends and opportunities for sponsors in the LatAm region
  • The opportunities provided by emerging markets 
  • Issues that arise with geographical separation when managing a successful partnership

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Benefits and Challenges to Outsourcing Partnerships and How to Manage your External Partnership

What you will discover from the presentation:

The crucial make or buy question, and the special challenges with outsourcing bio-manufacture

Best practices for successful CDO or CMO partnerships

Understanding and mitigating the risks, and analyse how you can protect your IP

The considerations for complex supply networks and fast track projects

When to cut the cord: Moving on from your CMO Partner as a research based biotech

We were delighted to welcome Jan Gustafsson, Operations and External Partnerships Manager, Phico Therapeutics Ltd. to the Pharma Contract and Manufacturing conference, which took place last March in London. In this session he presented his expert insights into the "cutting the cord" - Moving on from your CMO Partner as a research based biotech. 

What you will discover from this presentation 

  • Understanding the biggest differences in CMO relationship paradigms between Big Pharma, Biotechs and research stage Biotechs
  • Identifying the warning signs that should encourage you to review whether you outsource or in-house manufacture
  • Creating a strategy to transition from outsourced manufacturing to in-house manufacturing that minimises production downtime and process disruption

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