Attend Europe’s ONLY Conference Focused on Pharma Contract Manufacturing

Pharma Contract Manufacturing is Europe’s only conference that is entirely focused on building and maintaining effective relationships with your external manufacturers. 

Designed with the needs of the industries leading heads and directors of external manufacturing in mind, this forum will ensure that you gain tangible take-aways to clearly define the way you view your external partners and the value that they generate, while re-establishing the way you structure your outsourcing strategy and partner selection. Over 2 days we will:

  • Identify the common benefits and challenges of outsourcing, while discussing how to manage your external partnerships for biologics and CMC development with Bayer’s expert guidance
  • Decide when to outsource, when to in-house manufacture and when to move on from your CMO with Phico Therapeutics and Zoetis sharing their risk – benefit analyses
  • Determine how to form strategic relationships to consolidate your network while retaining global reach as Novartis share their approach to retaining appropriate supply oversight
  • Understand how strategic partner selection processes & challenges differ between big pharma and SME biotechs with insights from PledPharma and Janssen

With the industries leading experts coming together to create an agenda filled with case studies, round table discussions, panels and debates, this is the most senior and interactive conference of its kind.

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2019’s Expert Speaker Faculty Includes:

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The Programme in Brief

Discuss The Biggest Local Manufacturing Challenges in the Latin American and Middle Eastern Markets

Refine your Strategic Outsourcing Strategy Through the Incorporation of Risk Based Metrics and Crisis Preparation Sessions to Enhance your Decision Making

Determine How to Form the Right Strategic Partnerships with CMOs Requirements

Identify your Program's Critical Success Factors to Ensure Targeted ROI and Growth Trajectory

Discuss Methods of Balancing Quality, Timliness, Cost and Transparency When Considering your Next Partnership 

Create a Proactive Supplier Relationship Management Strategy and Improve your Network Communications

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