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What to look forward to at TCL

We spoke with the conference producer of the upcoming Temperature Control and Logistics Forum, taking place on the 27 - 30 January, 2020. Here she explains what we are most looking forward to in the program, why attending from the Life Science industry is important. Across four days of workshops, keynote presentations, case studies, interactive think tank discussions and networking – we will ensure that the industry leaves with the strategies, solutions and partners to overcome their most pressing operational challenges in order to make industry transformation and - patient care - possible.

Optimising Lane Qualification

We had the pleasure to welcome Luiz Alberto Barberini, Head of External Manufacturing, LatAm, Bayer at last year's Temperature Controlled Logistics Conference. Here he discusses why Brazil’s vast geography and lacking infrastructure pose a unique challenge for logistics professionals. He delved deeper into how these issues can be mitigated through smart supply chain management, streamlines logistics, and open communication with supply chain partners. He looked into establishing a governance model that strives to minimise stress in the relationship and create value.

4PLs: Gain benefits from relationships

Saddam Huq, Senior Manager Quality for Distribution & Cold Chain Management at GSK Vaccines analysed the pros and cons of the 4PL model to determine if it’s right for your company. He further asseses the various models available in the current market to select the best fit for you. Discover opportunities that can drive your supply chain efficiencies forward with the 4PL model.

Blockchain to improve the supply chain

For many years, the temperature controlled logistics sector suffered from technology stagnation. Is this still the case? in this article Amy Shortman fro ASC Associates explore the ares where technology is having an impact in the short-term and how Blcok chain and new technologies will shape the long-term future for the pharmaceutical supply chain.

Air Freight vs Sea Freight

We explore the key considerations in using air vs sea freight. The debate over air vs sea has been raging for a few years and the general consensus is that each has its own unique benefits and risks. In this considerations article we explore the key points of consideration for air and sea freight.