Gisli Herjolfsson

Founder and CEO Controlant

Mr. Herjolfsson is Co-founder and CEO of Controlant, a technology company that is pioneering the development of next-generation visibility solutions for digitally connected pharmaceutical cold chains. He has driven the vision, culture, and growth of the company for the last 12 years. The Controlant Cold Chain as a Service (ChaaS)® solution provides a single source of supply chain truth, consisting of reusable Internet of Things (IoT) data loggers that send mission-critical data and insights in real-time to a proprietary, cloud-enabled software platform, and cost-reducing operational services. Its data analytics and industry-wide benchmarking data are revolutionizing what is possible. Controlant customers leverage the improved visibility to connect stakeholders, improve efficiency, ensure quality and safety, and increase revenues.

Conference Day 1

Tuesday, January 28th, 2020

9:20 AM Mapping the future: How effective data utilisation will transform our global supply chains

 - Discuss how real-time temperature monitoring can build end-to-end supply chain visibility to reduce waste, ensure quality and safety, improve collaboration, and deliver tangible ROI
 - Examine how this technology is already applied and pinpoint the value through industry use cases

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