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GSK and Novartis Agree Multi-Billion Asset Swap  

Spring cleaning, partnerships and optimism our editor asks is this Spring in the air? Pharma restructuring continues unabated and the latest deals to be announced are some of the biggest yet. GSK and Novartis will be swapping business units in multibillion dollar deals and other, bigger deals on the horizon may reach $100 billion. Learn more »
April 24,2014 by Gerald Clarke 

Extraordinary New Tech Demos Impress at TEDMED  

TED talks have grown a huge reputation for inspirational in innovative talks in recent years and now register millions of views every day. This Monday, our editor attended the TEDMED conference at the Albert Hall ‘Imagining the Future of Medicine.' Read this article to discover the two talks which could represent significant healthcare breakthroughs Learn more »
April 24,2014 by Gerald Clarke 

Flurry of Big Pharma Deals ‘Makes Sense’  

Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline have agreed to exchange assets and combine their consumer healthcare units. Novartis has also agreed to sell its animal health division to Lilly for nearly $5.4bn. Learn more »
April 22,2014 by Pharma IQ News 


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  • Comparators – New GDP Rules, Emerging Markets, to Site Distribution and Partnerships - How Will They Affect Your Comparator Procurement Watch now »
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Global Cosmetics Market Outlook Infographic  

One of the biggest barriers facing the cosmetics industry is efficient and successful import/ export. With new regulations, no global harmonisation and huge growth in unknown, emerging markets the import and export process has become an unnavigable maze! Ahead of the Global Cosmetic Compliance Summit, Pharma IQ takes a closer look at the current import/export situation and associated challenges but more importantly, at what solutions the industry is investing in and adopting. Read more »
April 14,2014

Global Cosmetics Compliance: Mapping Global Activity and Challenges  

In the run up to the Global Cosmetic Compliance Summit this May in Amsterdam, Pharma IQ conducted an unprecedented industry wide survey. In fact, 36% of cosmetics companies are increasing investment in safety testing over the next 12 months. Pharma IQ speaks to Brian Ecclefield, International Sales at AMA Laboratories, Inc. about the impact of recent industry changes, the value of a varied testing approach and much more. Read more »
April 10,2014

Industry Report: Global Traceability and Serialisation in Pharma  

In this industry report we present the results of the latest Pharmaceutical Serialisation & Traceability 2014 Survey and provide expert insight and analysis from key opinion leaders in the field. Read more »
April 10,2014


Pharma Price Cuts: The Impact of Japanese Biennial Price Revisions  

Anantharaman Kavassery Viswanathan, analyst at Datamonitor Healthcare, said: “In this latest round of cuts the market expansion rule will impact 11 active ingredients (APIs) and 22 products which mostly include big-selling DPP-4 inhibitor antidiabetics and biologic therapies used mainly in rheumatoid arthritis. Overall, the average cut of 5.64% will be applied on a drug price basis in line with what was expected." Read more »
April 16,2014 by Anantharaman Kavassery Viswanathan 

Bristol-Myers Squibb's Ravi Kalyanaraman on Portable Spectrometers for Pharmaceutical Counterfeit Detection  

Analytical technologies, especially spectrometers, play a large role in detecting counterfeit products. Spectrometers have become portable and therefore invaluable at crime scenes. In this interview Ravi Kalyanaraman, an Associate Director at Bristol-Myers Squibb shares his insights on analysing the analytical techniques for counterfeit detection in the field. Read more »
April 14,2014 by Ravi Kalyanaraman 

The Extraordinary Impact of Data Modelling – Q&A with Simon D. Cook, Dow Corning  

Data models are being created to predict data and make analysis easier. That is what Simon D. Cook, Systems and Service Line Manager at Dow Corning Corporation tells us in this Q&A. He also speaks about making data more re-usable and maximising the collection of data. Read more »
April 14,2014 by Simon Cook 


Fewer Robots, More Apps - An Interview with Jeff Hurst  

The informatics landscape is changing quickly and innovation could be the key to increasing efficiency. Jeff Hurst talks us through these changes and how the industry is moving away from robots towards more innovative methods including mobile apps. He also talks about the dangers of becoming overly 'enamoured with your data' and reinforces that the old rule Garbage in - Garbage Out still applies. Learn more »
March 25,2014

What Pharma can Learn from the Food & Beverage Industry- An Interview with Pepsico's Steve Hills  

The pharma industry has a lot to learn from the food and beverage industry when it comes to contract manufacturing. To get to grips with this outsider's view, we spoke with Steve Hills, European Contract Manufacturing Director at Pepsico. Steve outlines where companies can go wrong in working with CMOs Learn more »
March 13,2014

From Tactical to Strategic Thinking; The Change in CMO Relationships - An Interview with Jim Browne  

Where can companies go wrong in their relationship with a CMO and what have been the major changes in these relationships in recent years? We spoke with Jim Browne, former Director of External Supply at GlaxoSmithKline and currently Director at JTB Consultancy Ltd to find out the answers to these questions. Jim also talks about they key to maintaining these relationships and using KPIs to assess the success of a project. Learn more »
March 05,2014

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