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Global Asthma Market to Hit $18 Billion by 2021  

With six products forecast to launch, the firm estimates the asthma market will grow at a rate of 1.4% by 2021. Two key marketed drugs, Advair (fluticasone/salmeterol; GlaxoSmithKline) and Symbicort (budesonide/formoterol; AstraZeneca), will face erosion of sales due to the arrival of Breo (fluticasone/vilanterol) from GlaxoSmithKline and generics emerging from the pipeline. Learn more »
August 21,2014 by Pharma IQ News 

Managing Serialisation - Impacts of Serialisation  

In this penultimate article on serialisation, Andrew Love looks at some of the impacts of Serialisation across the organisation. These include Packaging operations, distribution operations and IT capabilities Learn more »
August 20,2014 by Andrew Love 

Pfizer and AstraZeneca a Marriage Not to Be – Yet?  

Mergers and acquisitions may excite the markets and shareholders on both sides but their record of success in delivering the anticipated benefits is not good. Learn more »
August 19,2014 by Stephen Archer 



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  • Don't Let Geopolitical Developments in Eastern Europe Derail Your Clinical Trials - Applying Local Knowledge Watch now »
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Industry Report: Disposable Technologies and Single Use Systems for Biomanufacturing 2014  

In this report we present the results of the latest Disposable Solutions for Biomanufacturing 2014 Survey and provide expert insight and analysis from key opinion leaders in the field. Read more »
August 08,2014

Intellectual Property in the Global Marketplace: An Industry Investigation - 2014  

Patents in affect almost every person in pharma, either directly or indirectly. 89.7% of professionals in industry believe that intellectual property is and will be significant for them in 2014. In April and May 2014, we conducted Global Patent 2014 Survey. We surveyed in-house Intellectual Property (IP), patent, trademark, brand, anti-counterfeiting, security officers among other professionals to bring together the latest insights into the IP area in the Intellectual Property in the Global Marketplace: An Industry Investigation - 2014 report Read more »
August 07,2014

6 Ways Pharmaceutical Companies are Using Big Data to Drive Innovation & Value  

Here are 6 ways that pharmaceutical companies can use Big Data to generate business value and drive innovation. Read more »
August 05,2014


Your Top Ten Cosmetics Questions Answered  

Bringing clarity to the hazy depths of the EU Cosmetics Regulation, regulatory expert Garrett Moran, Director of Product Safety at Oriflame, answers your top 10 regulatory cosmetic compliance questions. Read more »
August 05,2014 by Pharma IQ 

Big Data in Healthcare: The Data is Only as Good as the User  

Diana Davis speaks to Athula Herath, Satatistical Director at MedImmune Biotech, and R&D unit of UK based pharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca about the values and challenges of big data in healthcare. Read more »
July 31,2014 by Diana Davis 

How Janssen Uses Big Data to Develop New Diagnostics  

Nigel Hughes, Global Director Marketing, Health Information Technology Strategy Leader, at Janssen Diagnostics talks about how his company is using data in R&D, the key challenges facing the use of data in the pharmaceutical industry and why the people challenges are bigger than the technical ones. Read more »
July 28,2014 by Nigel Hughes 


Utilising Big Data for Bioscience Product Development  

Big data is turning up everywhere. In this Process Perspectives podcast, Kaare Buch Petersen, Information Architect in Global IT at Christen Hansen, a Denmark-based supplier of bioscience products to food and health industries, talks about how his company has been using big data in the development of their new products. Learn more »
July 03,2014

Fewer Robots, More Apps - An Interview with Jeff Hurst  

The informatics landscape is changing quickly and innovation could be the key to increasing efficiency. Jeff Hurst talks us through these changes and how the industry is moving away from robots towards more innovative methods including mobile apps. He also talks about the dangers of becoming overly 'enamoured with your data' and reinforces that the old rule Garbage in - Garbage Out still applies. Learn more »
March 25,2014

What Pharma can Learn from the Food & Beverage Industry- An Interview with Pepsico's Steve Hills  

The pharma industry has a lot to learn from the food and beverage industry when it comes to contract manufacturing. To get to grips with this outsider's view, we spoke with Steve Hills, European Contract Manufacturing Director at Pepsico. Steve outlines where companies can go wrong in working with CMOs Learn more »
March 13,2014

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