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Are you a service provider to the pharma/bio industry? Find out the invaluable steps you can take to develop your business. Pharma IQ is proud to provide an international, non-biased, central resource, for professionals working in business development and marketing to exchange ideas on best practice and share case studies on business development, strategy, advertising and marketing for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare sectors.

Top 10 Disruptive Technologies in Pharma

Contributor: Chanice Henry
Posted: 5/29/2015

Merck KGaA: Building a Strategic Partnership with your CMO

Contributor: Sascha Basten
Posted: 7/10/2012

Merck KGaA: Building a Strategic Partnership with your CMO - Sascha Basten

Sascha Basten, Associate Director, External Transfers and Product Introductions, MS-TechOps / External Maufacturing at Merck KGaA, spoke to Pharma IQ at the GPCM Summit 2012 and explained the key principles behind a successful relationship between their organisation and CMO, while looking ahead to possible challenges and opportunities for both sides of the partnership. Full Video »

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4 Big Buckets on Pharmaceutical Social Media Marketing and Control - Andrea Charles

If you can't talk are you listening? A big challenge for many social media marketers and business development personnel is control. In this Pharma IQ podcast we address common issues companies are facing engaging in heavily regulated industries like Pharma. Shirley Williams from Social Media Pearls delivers her top tips for integrating social media into your campaign and recommends the best social media tools for increasing efficiency. Full Podcast »

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Further consolidation in the generic sector

Contributor: Peter Norman
Posted: 6/22/2015

Further consolidation in the generic sector - Peter Norman

The race to grow. The generics sector has seen major waves of aggressive consolidation in recent years. The first wave saw Teva and Sandoz become the two leading players in the sector. Teva continued to grow steadily through strategic acquisitions, such as that of the leading German generics company ratiopharm, while the Icelandic based Actavis steadily built up a major presence through many acquisitions of nationally based generics companies. Full Column »

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How to Engage With 100,000 Senior Pharma Professionals. Find Out 5 Techniques to Capture Industry Attention

Pharma IQ has grown year on year by meeting the demand for quality resource for busy professionals. Our membership reached 100,000 this year and our social media reach expose us to further 40,000 professionals. We build vibrant online communities, encourage discussion, and enable our members to learn as they contribute. We ensure your voice is heard in the social sphere. Full Whitepaper »

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