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Clinical Supply
Contributor: Dr. Andrea Zobel
Posted: 04/10/2016
Currently, two trends are in focus for the clinical trial supply chain: patient centricity and the usage of the Internet of Things (IoT) in clinical trials. Both components are driven by the need to shorten clinical development timelines, reduce costs and improve data quality. The clinical supply chain can contribute significantly to these objectives. Full Article »
Posted: 04/06/2014
Bial's Ricardo Lima on Comparators in Clinical Trial Supply
In this video interview Ricardo Lima, Head of Pharmaceutical Development, Bial Research & Development, shares his insights on major challenges when it comes to comparators in clinical trial supply and what he thinks will be the major trends in clinical trial supply in the coming 18 months.  Full Video »
Contributor: Chanice Henry
Posted: 22/12/2015
Chanice Henry
Pharma IQ presents the top content pieces for 2015 in this annual bumper, so you can browse through some of this year’s best articles to feature on the portal. Full Whitepaper »