An Excipient is defined as a more or less inert substance added in a prescription drug compound as a diluent or vehicle or to give form or consistency when the remedy is given in a pill form; simple syrup, aromatic powder, honey, and various elixirs are examples of excipients.

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    Content Related to Excipient

  • Reducing the Audit Burden

    Excipients make up, on average, about 90% of the volume or weight of each medicinal product. They are a vital part of almost all medicines: although inert, without them the bio-availability of the active ingredient would be compromised. Of course industry and the pharmaceutical regulators have recognised the importance of excipient quality and purity and there are many requirements an excipient and i....Read more

    Contributor:   Tags: excipient | manufacturing | EXCiPACT
    03/20/2014  12:00:00 AM EDT

  • New and Novel Excipients - European Experiences

    Excipients are a critical part of each medicinal product, so it is only correct that they should be checked for safety to make sure there are no adverse patient interactions. But astonishingly there is no independent formal mechanism in Europe for a new or novel excipient to be evaluated for patient safety: the only way it can be done is through the medicinal product marketing authorisation dossiers. ....Read more

    Contributor:   Tags: excipient | EXCIPACT | Iain Moore
    07/03/2014  12:00:00 AM EDT

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