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Contributor: Chanice Henry
Posted: 15/12/2015
Chanice Henry
Last week a select collection of CRISPR Cas9 enthusiasts gathered to debate both the bright future and the flaring issues facing the technique, which has trailblazed its way through the market.

The event starred representatives for two key CRISPR Cas9 influencers – Dr Doudna & Dr Zhang. The representatives divulged their experiences in working alongside the biologists who are both recognised as key players within the CRISPR arena. Full Article »
Contributor: Diana Davis
Posted: 02/07/2014
Big data is turning up everywhere. In this Process Perspectives podcast, Kaare Buch Petersen, Information Architect in Global IT at Christen Hansen, a Denmark-based supplier of bioscience products to food and health industries, talks about how his company has been using big data in the development of their new products. Editor's note: read a Full Podcast »
Contributor: Tony Hitchcock
Posted: 02/06/2015
Tony Hitchcock
Having worked in the development and production of early stage therapeutics for over 30 years I appreciate as much as anyone that this is often a highly challenging environment, not least with regards to overcoming technical and regulatory hurdles as well as seeking to meet a highly demanding timeline. Full Column »
Contributor: Chanice Henry
Posted: 22/12/2015
Chanice Henry
Pharma IQ presents the top content pieces for 2015 in this annual bumper, so you can browse through some of this year’s best articles to feature on the portal. Full Whitepaper »