[Webinar] Navigating the pharma landscape and competing in a data-driven world

Explore how stakeholders’ interests can push digital transformation and improve operational performance to create new market opportunities in the life science industry

Addressing the three levels in the digitalization pyramid – strategy, execution and technology – Dennis Della Corte, Vice-President of Business Development at ZONTAL, analyzes how stakeholder groups can align goals of digitalization with business needs in pharma

This webinar will take place on:
May 28, 2020
02:00 PM - 03:00 PM GMT

Digital transformation is critical for survival in the fast-paced pharma market. It has enhanced data driven decision-making and provided pharma stakeholders with the potential to access more improved technological solutions to solve critical business needs. In turn, this progression supports continuous innovation and digital transformation on an enterprise scale.

Several challenges remain that could slow digitalization within pharma, however, as communication paths are not always optimally selected. A well-defined strategy, properly communicated with focus on current business needs and supported by a harmonizing platform solution will improve core operations and lay the foundation of data-driven business models.

In the first part of this free webinar, Dennis Della Corte, Vice-President of Business Development at ZONTAL, shares insights on how to maximize business benefits using the digitalization pyramid model. Della Corte will explain how to align individual stakeholders’ interests with managerial business targets, achieve these business objectives through execution and enable business through the adoption of new technology platforms.

Attend this free webinar to learn about:

  • The critical challenges of data standardization and global regulatory requirements in pharma
  • How stakeholders can transform pharma organizations into a data-driven business using automation
  • Strategies to maximize advanced analytics systems to reduce costs and risks associated with data collection
  • How to navigate legacy applications and utilize new software solutions for continuous innovation and business transformation

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Dennis Della Corte, Vice President, Business Development at ZONTAL

Prof. Dr. Della Corte is a data science and machine learning expert with 5 plus years of experience in big pharma. His work challenges the status quo of drug discovery and development through the introduction of data centric digital enablers.  


Bill Russo, Vice President of Sales North America at ZONTAL

Bill Russo is the Vice President of Sales for North America at ZONTAL Inc. Russo has 20 plus years experience helping customers manage implementations of Data Management, ELN, LIMS and Registration systems.


Chris Mayhew, Technology Consulting Manager at Accenture

Chris Mayhew has over 10 years of scientific informatics experience spanning across laboratories in the Life Sciences, Consumer Packaged Goods and the R&D space. Mayhew previously worked with Accelrys and the BIOVIA brand at Dassault Systèmes where he gained extensive experience in the software industry, domain knowledge in corporate Electronic Lab Notebooks and scientific informatics to provide insight into digital lab projects. Currently working with Accenture’s Scientific Informatics Services (ASIS) practice, Chris is focused on delivering digital transformation projects across the industry and assisting clients in improving their digital laboratories.

The webinar will take place at: 

  • 7am PDT
  • 10am EDT
  • 3pm BST
  • 4pm CET