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What exactly do pharmaceutical regulators around the world want to see? We take a look at the latest trends and real world findings so you can align yourselves with the tastes of compliance regulators.
Wearables data medical
The pharmaceutical industry is looking at its vast reserves of data for actionable insights to inform drug discovery.
Virtual clinical trials are here. Will they work? Todd Johnson of Halloran Consulting Group gives his insight as a participant of a virtual clinical trial.
Artificial intelligence medicine
As drug discovery continues its journey towards obtaining the optimal data lifecycle, Nigel Hughes discusses the lack of GDPR urgency that has been spotted and the needed quality boost for real world data.
top 10
We present the top 10 ranking of Contract Manufacturing Organizations in drug discovery as voted by the Pharma IQ network.
Before we examine the outlook for the year ahead, we delve into the medical merger and acquisition (M&A) trends that occurred in 2017.
New GDPR legislation is pushing pharmaceutical solution providers to revolutionize their marketing practices.
software as a medical device
The final guidance from the FDA confirms quality management systems continue to be critical to the production of Software as a Medical Device (SaaMDs).
Katie Sadler bw
Around 90 per cent of the world’s data was generated in the past two years alone, presenting the biomedical sector with a significant challenge, said Professor Jackie Hunter
Chiara Rustici
As pharma continues its journey towards obtaining the optimal data lifecycle, four industry experts contemplate what the path ahead looks like for pharma innovation and the implementation of GDPR.
676 article results
of 68