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Andrew love explores how the ‘most significant changes to medical device legislation in decades’ will impact their supply and implementation.
After attending the 2018 Data Analytics for Pharma Development conference, Pharma IQ stopped to chat with Arun Bondali, Sr. Enterprise Lead Architect, Science and Enabling Units at AstraZeneca about pharma eliminating inefficiencies in how it handles and mines data.
Greg Dombal, COO of Halloran Consulting Group
How 2018 could be the year the research flood gates open for biologics and microbiome products reach their make or break moment.
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Pharma IQ takes a look at some of the trends forecasted to take hold this year: disruption for vendor landscapes, regulatory intervention and sophisticated analytics technologies gaining speed.
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Download this calendar to view the editorial focus for Pharma and Pharma Logistics IQ for 2018.
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With the robotics industry seeing a lot of activity in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector recently, here is a round up of the companies which are either ready to launch robotic healthcare systems or have already introduced them.
A UK Biotech firm has created a ground-breaking technology to tackle the dangerous public health issue that is antimicrobial resistance
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An Inside Look into General Hospital / Partners HealthCare/ CIMIT's Medical Device Plug-and-Play Interoperability Lab.
David B. Sudzus
David B. Sudzus and Russell J. Chibe explore possible outcomes of the Blue Ribbon Commission Report and the Declaration of National Health Emergency regarding the U.S’s Opioid Crisis.
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Taking the chemical homochirality of life seriously can provide incredible clarification in our understanding of the most famous complex unsolved problems of modern mathematics
661 article results
of 67