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The final guidance from the FDA confirms quality management systems continue to be critical to the production of Software as a Medical Device (SaaMDs).
Katie Sadler bw
Around 90 per cent of the world’s data was generated in the past two years alone, presenting the biomedical sector with a significant challenge, said Professor Jackie Hunter
Chiara Rustici
As pharma continues its journey towards obtaining the optimal data lifecycle, four industry experts contemplate what the path ahead looks like for pharma innovation and the implementation of GDPR.
Ernan Roman explores recent research showing that pharma and biotech companies make expensive mistakes by neglecting the power and necessity of customer experience strategies.
Money Pharma value pricing
Delving into the common misconceptions surrounding value based pricing and value based payment in pharma.
Wearables data medical
George clinical discusses how wearables are enhancing clinical trials, with one smart watch app tripling enrollment rates for a research project.
Sameer Thapar, Global Pharmacovigilance Operations & Compliance, Rutgers University discusses the future of pharmacovigilance.
Artificial intelligence medicine
Michael Popov Director Researcher at Prime States Quantum Lab looks at how artificial intelligence is being applied at the forefront of medical research, including the likes of oncology.
medical device
Andrew love explores how the ‘most significant changes to medical device legislation in decades’ will impact their supply and implementation.
After attending the 2018 Data Analytics for Pharma Development conference, Pharma IQ stopped to chat with Arun Bondali, Sr. Enterprise Lead Architect, Science and Enabling Units at AstraZeneca about pharma eliminating inefficiencies in how it handles and mines data.
669 article results
of 67