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Contributor: Martin Bonney
Posted: 02/05/2017
The General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) applies from 25 May 2018, and introduces a new set of rules relating to the collection, storage and processing of personal data. Pharmaceutical organisations should prepare for the Regulation in order to remain compliant. Full Article »
Posted: 21/08/2013
Top 10 Trends that will Shape Pharma

The global pharmaceutical industry has undergone some rapid changes in recent years, but what are the Top 10 Trends that will Shape Pharma. Pharma IQ investigate in this 3 minute video. Full Video »
Contributor: Gerald Clarke
Posted: 14/01/2014
"Clinical trial information is being routinely and legally witheld and this needs to end". This is the assertion of Dr. Ben Goldacre; a doctor, science writer, campaigner on scientific issues including clinical trial transparency and author of the book Bad Pharma. Pharma IQ discussed the issue of clinical trial transparency with Dr. Goldacre, with Full Podcast »
Contributor: Andrew Love
Posted: 21/06/2016
Andrew Love
In my last article I talked about the need to be responsive to an evolving picture both when selecting your implementation partners but also when working out what is going to be the best solution for meeting the serialisation requirements and including the make-up of your project team. In this next article, covering tips 6, 7 and 8, I talk about the ‘global versus local‘ aspects to consider, the need for flexibility in the design solutions being looked at and finally some important governance principles. Full Column »
Contributor: Pharma IQ
Posted: 19/07/2016
Pharma IQ
As the serialisation industry prepares for various approaching deadlines all over the globe, Pharma IQ has created a printable map to assist with your worldwide track and trace compliance strategies. Full Whitepaper »