[Webinar] Data Integrity: Do you have a people or a process problem?

Let us help you understand how to build a continuous culture of quality

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The FDA has cited data integrity on 79% of the Drug Warning Letters sent over the past year.

Across the world, regulators are giving greater scrutiny to how companies manage and use their data.

But too many companies still see their quality department as a fully separate function. Or, they are focused only on technology.

They have yet to develop a holistic culture of data integrity from a people point of view (culture and training) as well as from a systems point of view (data recording and use).

Focusing on only one or the other leaves companies open to risks of quality and compliance incidents leading to product recalls and delays. And the costs are staggering.


It is time that companies understand that it is not enough to focus only on systems and technology.

In this webinar, Murtuza Vasowalla, Director of Global Quality and Compliance Solutions at Dassault Systemes will show you how to:

  • Limit your regulatory risk through a holistic approach to data integrity that starts and ends with people
  • Transform paper-based, manual processes and unverifiable, hard to reconcile data into a comprehensive quality system
  • Ensure data integrity with digital continuity throughout your product's lifecycle
  • Find out how to maintain a culture of quality and a state of compliance in the long run

Murtuza will also offer case studies to share insights on how companies are meeting the data integrity challenge in the industry today. We'll also be sharing an analysis on 483 warning letters to understand the key risk areas in your facilities.


Murtuza Vasowalla
Experienced in Global Sales and Marketing of Solutions that Transform Business
Dassault Systèmes