[Webinar] How milestones and expected document lists enable inspection readiness

Reduce the stress of an inspection by building inspection-readiness practices into your daily operations

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This webinar will take place on:
February 05, 2020
02:00 PM - 03:00 PM GMT

TMF inspection remains one of the most daunting tasks during clinical research. With documents required from a number of sources at different times, information must be consistent and connected to ensure documentation for the study is aligned, complete and compliant.

Many pharmaceutical companies are finding this objective increasingly difficult. In a recent survey of our Pharma IQ audience on inspection readiness for TMF, 54 per cent shared that they were missing many essential documents, while 21 per cent were not ready at all.

To ensure compliance and audit success, it is crucial to reduce the inspection burden by building a culture of compliance into daily operations.

This outcome can be achieved with milestones and expected document lists (EDLs) to create a state of inspection readiness and proactive TMF management and oversight.

In this webinar, Jason Methia, VP of Vault eTMF, and Anne Rudick-Lowe, R&D Customer Success Manager at Veeva will guide you on:

  • The best practices when using milestones and EDLs in Vault Clinical
  • The positive impact these features have on TMF accurateness, timeliness and completeness
  • How to accurately quantify these results

There will also be an exclusive case study from Laura Naranjo, Associate Director of TMF Operations at Daiichi Sankyo, to discuss how this process works in practice. She will offer an in-depth look at how milestones and EDLs are being used in Daiichi Sankyo to improve TMF inspection readiness.

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