Smart Labs 2019: Everything you missed

We share key takeaways from Pfizer, Eli Lilly, IDBS and the Pistoia Alliance on improving productivity in the lab

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Last week, we welcomed over 600 delegates to our Smart Labs Digital Event. This three day series of interactive webinars focused on how to improve efficiency and innovation in the lab. Below we have recapped the key points from each session.


From Data to Actionable Insight: How to gain a 20% efficiency improvement in the lab every week

Unjulie Bhanot and April Pisek from IDBS discussed the pressing challenges facing scientists during biologics development and in the bioanalytical space. This includes; balancing profitability vs operational costs, increasing scrutiny from regulators and delays in time to market.

Ineffectively managing data negatively impacts this entire process. For scientists, they may have to complete additional re-work and will see reduced productivity. While the business may face delays, poor credibility in the market and compliance queries.  

Unjulie and April laid out a framework to improve processes to help manage this inefficiency. They share best practices on; how data is collected, where data is available, master data management, process mapping and how to move from one implementation to the next.

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Using Big Data Analytics & AI to drive ROI in Drug Discovery

Nataraj Dasgupta, author of Practical Big Data Analytics kicked off this session with the key dilemma facing most companies:

You spend 2.6 million over 10-15 years of tireless research but only 32% of drugs move to Phase III trials and of those only 1 in 10 will go to market.

With the odds stacked against productivity, Nataraj presented how AI and Machine Learning can be used to improve the drug lifecycle. He analysed examples from Numerate and Benevolent AI, giving insight on how to increase your own capabilities with this new technology.

Don van Dyke, Chief Operating Officer at Cloud Pharmaceutical then gave us a deep dive into how they are using an AI quantum molecular design to find novel molecular space and new small molecules. He reiterated the importance of focusing on designing drugs not just molecules and shared how they were approaching this challenge.

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Implementing A Digital Roadmap To Transform Quality/Manufacturing Operations

Richard Caron, Associate Director, Global MQIT at Eli Lilly used his session to showcase the lab of the future.

He walked through the Lilly Lab Journey discussing their transition from digital silos to a connected lab. Delving into their future predictive plant and the ultimate goal of the adaptive plant, he shared an important digital roadmap we can all learn from.

He discussed the key drivers for the Lilly Lab of the Future and the projected impact, covering; efficiency, full integration, simplicity, ergonomic principles, environmental focus and mobility/flexibility.

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Digital Transformation of the Lab – Enabling the Lab through Advanced Analytics

With 2019 being the International Year of the Periodic Table, Marc Siladi, Data Analytics Product Manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific took us on a journey through the pace of change in science.

He discussed the emerging scientific needs in a rapidly changing life sciences market, from biologics and precision medicine to harmonization and externalization. He then showcased how data capture and analysis would need to adapt to meet this change.

With in-depth examples on in-vitro workflows, structuring unstructured data and differential gene expression analysis, he showed why one single platform will not be able to manage this transition.

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The Missing Link to Improving Efficiency and Productivity in the Digital Lab

In this webinar, Somark discussed the missing data source many companies have been overlooking; the 50 to 60 million rodents used every year in pre-clinical research.

They analysed the growing problem of accurate data collection and archaic data management, discussing the downstream impact of wasted pre-clinical spending.

They then presented an innovative new way to connect the data chain; the digital mouse.

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How to Achieve Quality and Laboratory Excellence through Digital Continuity

Steve Brown, Quality Site Head at Novartis, discussed the reasons why it's so hard to get data integrity right. He also delved into Novartis’ quest for continuous improvement in data integrity practices, including their research into the drivers behind the majority of the FDA’s warning letters; audit trails, e-security, good documentation practices and quality control practices.

Dr Daniela Jansen, Director of Product Marketing at Dassault Systemes, then shared her experience of building connected labs and the opportunities this holds. Having seen 85% improvements in data traceability, 50-80% reduction in human errors and 10-15% improvements in productivity, there is clear value in connected quality operations

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Lessons Learned from Successful Delivery of a Global Digital Change

To round off Smart Labs Digital, Christopher Boone, VP of Real World Data & Analytics at Pfizer, and Ashley George, CFO and Co-Founder of the Pistoia Alliance, joined us to share the lessons they’ve learned from enacting successful digital change.

Chris shared how to understand your big data maturity and start progressing from your level, why cultural buy-in is the key to success and why you should pay attention to data governance.

While Ashley highlighted the importance of a big vision, why you have to be willing to fail and where it is important to accept support.

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