SmartLab Global Academy: The Future of Lab Informatics

This FREE webinar was recorded on:
Monday, November 06, 2017
02:00 PM - 02:00 PM GMT
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Whether you are launching a new lab or facing the daunting task of modernizing legacy systems, devising an R&D informatics strategy in today’s fast-moving technology landscape is a challenging task.

This presentation will review key informatics trends for the lab and discuss practical steps toward delivering transformational business value that can drive operational efficiency and transform data into insights.

Benefits of attending this session: 

  1. Gain insights into how leading Informatics system vendors are approaching the design of integrated platforms, and what benefits these can bring
  2. Learn pragmatic approaches to streamlining their laboratory workflows
  3. Separate fact from fiction on the risks and rewards of moving to the Cloud

Challenges addressed: 

  1. The pros and cons of moving your infrastructure to cloud-based informatics platforms
  2. Deciphering the latest trends in data management and the application of machine learning
  3. Improving laboratory efficiency through instrument & systems integration, automation and real-time communication

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Scott Weiss
Senior Director Product Management, Product Strategy

Scott joined IDBS in 2004, bringing over 17 years’ experience in pharmacology, neuroscience, and pharmaceutical drug development. Prior to joining IDBS, he was Director of In-Vivo Pharmacology at Vernalis Research.

Whilst at IDBS, he has served as a Senior Consultant, and subsequently as product manager during the development and commercialization phases of E-WorkBook, IDBS flagship ELN products. He is currently Senior Director of Product Management, responsible for IDBS’s portfolio of software products.

Scott obtained his Ph.D. at the University of Leeds and has authored over 45 scientific papers, journal articles and patents.