[Panel Webinar] Transforming R&D and data control with cloud-based informatics

Discover how to enhance business and scientific value by accelerating, measuring and forecasting research and development discovery, all in one place

Secure your place at this expert panel discussion to learn how cloud-based informatics can enhance life sciences organizations’ research and development strategies

This webinar will take place on:
February 18, 2021
01:00 PM - 02:00 PM GMT

The complexity of modern-day science is driving life sciences organizations to implement the latest cloud-based research and development (R&D) solutions. Teams are more distributed and specialized than ever before, so they need to spend more time collaborating and less time hunting for data. Scientific platforms are highly iterative and evolving rapidly. Organizations need tools that can quickly adapt to processes, can be customized internally without vendor involvement, and ultimately provide leaders with a higher level of data control at their organizations. 

In this webinar, a panel of informatics experts will discuss how to integrate a flexible and extensible cloud-based solution into an R&D ecosystem of instruments and specialized software. They will also dive into how some teams may want to specialize their own informatics workflows by building out internal automation teams. 

Attend this panel discussion and come away with key lessons in:

  • The business and scientific questions R&D teams struggle to answer when using paper or legacy point solutions. 
  • How a modern informatics platform can alleviate data challenges by elevating data quality, experimental context, productivity, and team engagement. 
  • How R&D leaders are benefiting from a centralized platform with the ability to identify resource bottlenecks, reduce employee costs, and instill employee satisfaction. 
  • Making informed decisions with the ability to standardize, interlink and analyze large quantities of complex data.

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Richard Caron, Global IT Associate Director at Eli Lilly and Company

Richard Caron has over 20 years of experience in the regulated industries, from medical device to pharmaceutical. For the past 12 years Caron has been working in the IT environment, specifically in systems implementation. He has worked on a variety of systems including chromatography data systems, pharmacology systems, adverse events reporting systems, clinical trial data management systems, and many more. Caron’s specialties revolve around global system implementation, electronic data management, computer system validation, computer software global support and data integrity.

Nadim Morhell, Senior Automation and Data Management Engineer at Enginzyme

Nadim Morhell has been tinkering with instrumentation and data management since his days as a PhD student at the Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Institute at CNEA, the Argentinean National Atomic Energy agency. Straight out of academia, Morhell co-founded MZP Tech, a medical devices startup which was selected for Singularity University’s accelerator program in 2016. He joined EnginZyme in 2019, where he is driving the company’s automation efforts to speed up R&D screening experiments to optimize biocatalyisis and process development conditions. His mission is to make the laboratory research experience more joyful, efficient and reproducible.

Nishant Neel, Regional Lead Professional Services, Europe at Benchling

Nishant Neel has been with Benchling for almost six years, where his role focuses on implementations and customer success. He has been involved in more than 100 client cloud transformations, ranging from large enterprise pharma upgrades, to implementations at smaller emerging biotech organizations. Neel recently moved to Zurich from California to head up professional services in Benchling’s European office. Prior to working at Benchling, Neel was co-founder of a rapid diagnostics device company.

This webinar will take place at:

  • 8am EST
  • 5am PST
  • 1pm GMT
  • 2pm CET