[Debate] Is digitalization really the solution to your lab challenges?

Merck and Dotmatics debate the effectiveness of digital systems in the lab

Join this interactive discussion to find out how different companies are using digital solutions, the limitations to digitization and how it can really make a lasting impact in the lab

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04:00 PM - 04:45 PM GMT

The pace of change has never been greater in the specialty chemicals and performance materials industries.

Digital transformation is now top of mind for many companies as they seek to create smarter lab environments to drive efficiency and productivity.

But is technology really the solution to our lab challenges?

Or have we overlooked a fundamental step? Does R&D digitalization really make life as a scientist better? 

In this interactive debate, Dr. Mark Goulding, Director, Business Project Lead, Performance Materials and Early Research at Merck and Max Petersen, AVP of Chemicals and Materials Marketing at Dotmatics, will each present their case for the future of the lab.

We’ll then invite you to send in your questions and comments live so we can help you to decide whether digitalization is really the right step for your lab.

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