[Webinar] Addressing cyber security challenges facing the life sciences industry

Achieve a high level of cyber security infrastructure in a critical production network and learn from solution-driven case studies from Rockwell Automation and Cisco to ensure your networks are more cyber resilient

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This webinar will take place on:
June 17, 2020
01:30 PM - 02:30 PM GMT

Implementing data, analytics, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence across the life sciences value chain have created significant business growth opportunities for the pharma industry. Digital transformation has altered research and development processes, manufacturing and medical device development and revolutionized patient care services to create more connected, smarter, faster and responsive supply chain networks. As digital transformation continues to become more critical for the success of the life sciences industry, achieving and maintaining high levels of cyber security in a production network has never been more important.

The industry suffered serious financial loss from the Wannacry and NotPetya cyber-attacks in 2017. Since then, cyber risks have become an increasing concern and continue to impact operational technology (OT) networks today. This opens the industry up to risks of production downtime, intellectual property loss, information security breaches and increasing incidents of ransomware. Additionally, with the current remote working pressures these vulnerabilities are even more exposed presenting even greater risk to manufacturing.

In this webinar, Billy Sisk, EMEA Life Sciences Industry Manager and John Speakman Industrial Networks and Cyber Security, both at Rockwell Automation, will be joined by Stephen Friedenthal, IoT Solutions Architect at Cisco Systems, to address these concerns in more detail, provide solutions to help secure your plant operations and discuss how to successfully incorporate security concepts into your manufacturing processes for stronger cyber resilience.

Join this webinar to learn about:

  • Threat evolution and how threat actors are targeting industrial networks.
  • The anatomy of a cyber-attack and how they can evolve and expose weaknesses in your cyber defenses.
  • The risks remote working presents for OT networks.
  • Reducing risk and complexity by utilizing solutions from Rockwell Automation and Cisco.

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Billy Sisk, EMEA Life Sciences Industry Manager at Rockwell Automation

As an innovative sales leader, Sisk has spent his career supporting customers through unlocking their value and assisting in realizing their corporate objectives through solutions and technology. He has worked in the automation and IT arenas, which has provided him with valuable insight into how technology can enable customers to make smarter decisions. Sisk is responsible for the development and execution of Rockwell Automation’s Life Science market strategy across Europe, Middle East and Africa. Sisk also helps pharmaceutical manufacturers bring innovative treatments to patients faster, all while improving quality, yield and product security.


John Speakman, Business Development Lead – Networks & Security Services at Rockwell Automation

Speakman is an Industrial Cyber security specialist at Rockwell Automation. He works with customers across the EMEA region to develop, strengthen and enhance the cyber security of their critical production networks. Speakman and the rest of the Network & Security Services team help customers navigate the complete cyber security lifecycle, from initial development of a Cyber security Management System specific to critical production networks, through to security assessments and ultimately full cyber security improvement programs and response and recovery planning. Speakman has over 20 years’ experience working with leading edge technology vendors and service providers.


Stephen Friedenthal, IoT Solutions Architect at Cisco Systems

Friedenthal brings a deep understanding of the technical and business challenges facing manufacturers today and helps to develop innovative and robust solutions to solve them. Past experiences include creating a successful manufacturing consulting company, directing the global MES and automation systems for an automotive OEM and leading the data historian and MES architecture products for GE. He has two degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a joint MS degree from the MIT Sloan School of Management and the School of Engineering, and a Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering.

The webinar will take place at: 

  • 6:30am PDT
  • 9:30am EDT
  • 2:30pm BST
  • 3:30pm CET