[Webinar] Building flexible and agile manufacturing operations for affordable, accessible and safe healthcare

Explore how to digitalize pharma manufacturing operations and improve production cost, speed and capacity so medicines are safer, more affordable and accessible for patients globally

Find out how to build a flexible and agile manufacturing operation to meet industry demand for personalized healthcare

This webinar will take place on:
September 30, 2020
03:00 PM - 04:00 PM BST

Innovation around digital health requires life science companies to respond to market needs faster without compromising on quality or cost. This is achievable by transforming paper-based processes into model-based and data-driven digital processes.

In this Pharma IQ webinar, Dassault Systèmes will analyze how to overcome the complex demands of digital manufacturing to improve production processes, control cost and assure quality, alongside Justin Moser, Director - Advanced Manufacturing Technology at MSD.

Dr. Barbara Holtz, Life Science Value Expert at Dassault Systèmes, will present solution-driven case studies to help achieve higher flexibility and agility in personalized manufacturing and supply. In addition, Dr. Holtz will dive into solutions as new regulations call for better data traceability.

Join your peers in this interactive webinar and come away with key lessons in how to improve:

  • Cost of quality by introducing the concept of a single source of truth for all data to manage change and complexity in your manufacturing lifecycle.
  • Speed to market whilst managing your risk by implementing modeling and simulation to facilitate virtualization.
  • Collaboration and innovation through a collaborative platform to enhance operations across your value network.

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Dr. Barbara Holtz, Life Science Value Expert at Dassault Systèmes

Dr. Holtz is a Life Science Value Expert at Dassault Systèmes with 20+ years of experience in the industry, working with companies such as Bayer, GSK and AstraZeneca to help them improve their business processes through digitalization.

A PhD physicist by training, Dr. Holtz uses her analytical skills to understand why customers are engaging with us, what drives the need to digitalize and what can be improved in terms of changing business processes, which ultimately guides how people will work tomorrow using the 3DEXPERINECE Platform and its applications.

Justin Moser, Director - Advanced Manufacturing Technology at MSD

Joining MSD in January 2002, Justin Moser gained a broad understanding of drug product development from early formulation and prototyping through to NDA filing. More recently, Moser became a scientific leader within Formulation Sciences and mentors two experienced scientists. His current role as Director of Advanced Manufacturing Technology focuses on drug product formulation, process development and scale-up and the optimization of new or existing technologies.

The webinar will take place at: 

  • 7am PDT
  • 10am EDT
  • 2pm GMT
  • 4pm CET