[Webinar] Future of Biotech: How to speed up high-density cell banking processes using a single-use, closed system

Discover how to reduce the risk of contamination and manual operations by establishing a closed system for seeding directly from the cell banking bag to the bioreactor

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This webinar will take place on:
October 01, 2020
03:00 PM - 04:00 PM BST

In an effort to speed up biotherapeutic manufacturing and overcome the challenges of open and multiple process handling steps, the pharma industry has turned its attention toward increasing the efficiency of cell banking and seed train scale up.

By utilizing fluoropolymer single-use bags, many of the labor intensive and risky approaches currently used by most bioprocessing labs including, handling several vials, contamination risks and variable cell viability, can be eliminated and a closed system can be established for seeding directly from the cell banking bag to the bioreactor.  

In this webinar, Jonathan Cartoux, applications engineer at Entegris will share the advantages of using fluoropolymer 2D single-use bag assemblies in cell freezing and banking for upstream processing to improve production flexibility.

Join your peers in this interactive webinar and come away with key lessons in how to:

  • Reduce the risk of process failure or contamination of the process.
  • Include consistent inoculation across process runs and the ability to eliminate steps in the seed train process.
  • Save considerable upstream processing time, space and cost.
  • Store high cell concentrations in large volumes at -150°

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Jonathan Cartoux, applications engineer at Entegris

Jonathan Cartoux joined Entegris in January 2018 as an application engineering EMEA team member. He came to Entegris from Merck Millipore Sigma Company, which he joined in 2010. In his current role, Cartoux is applying his single-use technical expertise to help grow the life sciences business with new, forward-thinking solutions. Cartoux has a master’s degree in molecular biology and biochemistry as well as a master's specialization in sales and marketing. 

The webinar will take place at: 

  • 7am PDT
  • 10am EDT
  • 2pm GMT
  • 4pm CET