Three steps to achieving healthcare marketing success today

Learn about the importance of innovation, connecting with your consumers, driving efficiencies and reducing costs in an increasingly value-based and consumer-centric healthcare environment

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Vince Schaller

Over the last few years, SGK Health has spoken to a number of companies on how technology is advancing healthcare. It is commonly viewed by leading pharma professionals that technology is a true enabler of the most productive marketing ecosystems on the planet.

By leveraging technology, healthcare companies and other highly regulated industries such as financial services and trading are able to optimize branded marketing content, enable greater speed-to-market, centralize brand guardianship, simplify workflows and facilitate operational growth — all together, creating revolutionary marketing ecosystems that can pivot on a dime.

So, what does a revolutionary marketing ecosystem approach look like? Outlined below are three important steps pharma marketers can leverage to evolve your marketing ecosystem and drive innovation in your business strategies.

Step one: Simplify the ecosystem by streamlining operating models for faster time to market.

Quick, efficient and effective delivery of branded marketing messages and products depends on the self-sustaining, continuous improvement infrastructure in place to support it.

With the right marketing ecosystem infrastructure, which John Lawrence, Vice-President of Global Consulting at SGK Health defined in Four strategies for building agility into your marketing ecosystem, process and stage gates, engaging branded marketing material and products can be continually and flawlessly delivered, while remaining consistent with the original branded intent. The optimization of the marketing infrastructure reduces costs, drives improvements in speed-to-market and creates further opportunity for innovation.

Step two: Optimize and scale delivery by leveraging common resources to support growing/changing portfolios.

A brand can only be effective if it remains relevant and engaging. A solid content strategy and consistent messaging across all global marketing channels is critical to success.

Global, omnichannel content management and optimization ensures targeted messaging, consistent brand presentation and real-time responsiveness from customers. The race to digital transformation is now more important than ever, leveraging content through automation is the key to increasing speed-to-market allowing more time for innovation.

Step three: Display innovation to grow brand loyalty and value.

Consumer loyalty cannot be won using logic and data alone. Creating an emotional bond with today’s tech savvy consumers and patients require a heartfelt connection. The strength of a brand depends on the depth, consistency and appeal to which it connects with a customer.

As highlighted in this case study example with Medtronic, SGK Health sort to re-engage Medtronic’s customers in a new way by evolving the brand to fit with the lifestyle needs of its customers.

Continuous and consistent engagement that empathetically connects with customers’ needs is the key to gaining and maintaining brand adoption, trust and loyalty. Brands must stand up to the scrutiny of well-informed consumers as well as healthcare professionals who are seeking results for their patients.

Our approach to ‘new thinking and new doing’ enables us to deliver efficiencies and maintain the human-centric experience as new value-based models are realized.

We understand that unique challenges require unique solutions. With our tried and tested consulting methodology, SGK Health develops tailored solutions to meet your precise business objectives:

  • Data-driven solutions
  • Deep industry subject matter expertise
  • Collaboration and facilitation expertise
  • Unparalleled implementation

SGK will bring a fresh perspective to your business with insights into today’s rapidly-changing consumer market and the ways in which other industries are transforming the brand experience. We build thriving marketing ecosystems that elevate the brand and reach consumers where they live.

How might your organization become better poised to win in the new era of value-based care and marketing? Let’s have a conversation.

Be sure to also register to Pharma IQ Live: Digital Marketing and Sales for Pharma featuring John Lawrence, Vice President Global Consulting at SGK, to find out how to streamline your workflow practices, roles and standards to improve speed-to-market.

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