[Webinar] How will cloud technology transform pharmaceutical R&D

This roundtable will see our expert panelists discuss the advantages of adopting cloud technology in pharmaceutical R&D and the benefits of scaling cloud computing in the lab

Join this webinar to find out how to leverage cloud technology across your R&D strategies, take advantage of on-demand scalability and enhance your agility to facilitate collaboration and reduce development costs

This webinar will take place on:
June 03, 2020
03:00 PM - 04:00 PM GMT

The convergence of big data, advanced analytics and automation have proven to be attractive opportunities for pharma companies to operate more nimble, collaborative and patient-centric processes. In an interactive roundtable, experts from Bayer, LabTwin and Cytiva will discuss, that while these technologies have made it possible for the pharma industry to grow as business needs expand, the adoption of cloud technology has been essential in streamlining clinical research, reducing costs and processing huge amounts of data in research and development (R&D).

Additionally, the scalability and agility of cloud technology in R&D provide organizations with the flexibility to control and store data and help replace data silos that result from legacy infrastructure – which hinders progression and increases development costs.

During this webinar, Nicolas Bernsmeier, Digital Lead Pharma Research at Bayer, Jonas Kulessa, Head of Engineering at LabTwin and William Whitford, Stategic Solutions Leader at Cytiva, will share best practices to manage data using cloud technology in pharmaceutical R&D and dive into industry driven case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of scaling cloud computing in the lab.

Secure your place at the roundtable and find out:

  • How drug R&D can benefit from cloud technology
  • Proven solutions to overcome barriers in adopting cloud computing in the pharma industry
  • The benefits of implementing cloud computing to enable lab automation
  • The advantages of scaling up data processes and finding the right balance when scale back is needed
  • How to innovate quicker, manage change faster and deliver new products to market on time

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Nicolas Bernsmeier, Digital Lead Pharma Research at Bayer

Nicolas obtained his PhD in Microbiology from the University of Düsseldorf and has since been with Bayer for over 10 years. He has held various positions in IT strategy and innovation and in his previous role as an IT business partner for R&D, he developed and implement an innovative IT strategy for Small Molecules in Drug Development. He is now leading the digital transformation of pharmaceutical research at Bayer.


Jonas Kulessa, Head of Engineering at LabTwin

Co-Founder of the award winning category leader “Reading Trainer” Apple App of the year with more than a million paying customers in 120 countries, Kulessa is a thought leader and engineering professional in digital platforms and solution architecture. Kulessa joined LabTwin with more than 16 years in experiences in the field of IT infrastructure and software engineering. He was Engineering Director at Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures and worked as engineering consultant for numerous small start-ups, mid-sized companies as well as large corporations (DAX) in the areas of e-commerce, health care, fintec, VoD/PayVoD and gaming.


William Whitford, Stategic Solutions Leader at Cytiva, formerly GE Healthcare Life Sciences

William Whitford is the Strategic Solutions Leader at Cytiva with over 20 years of experience in biotechnology product and process development. He joined GE Healthcare as an R&D leader developing products supporting protein biological and vaccine production in mammalian and invertebrate cell lines. Products he has commercialized include defined hybridoma and perfusion cell culture media, fed-batch supplements and aqueous lipid dispersions. He has published over 250 articles, book chapters and patents in the bioproduction arena.

The webinar will take place at: 

  • 8am PDT
  • 4pm BST
  • 11am EDT
  • 5pm CET


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