Pharmaceutical Out Licensing: The Essential Guide to Protecting Your Intellectual Property in Pharmaceutical Out Licensing

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Pharmaceutical Out Licensing Webinar:
The Quick Guide on Intellectual Property Protection in Pharmaceutical Out Licensing

This webinar with Guido Bilstein covers several points Pharma Out Licensing professionals need to bear in mind:

  • Protect your Intellectual Property (IP) while maintaining your flexibility in designing your own processes
  • Retaining the ability to alter these business and research processes if required
  • Empowering your colleagues and partners to manage huge volumes of documentation
  • Maintaining a high level of control during the entire process
  • Managing the challenges of complex folder structures and files format variations
  • Keeping sensitive and confidential documents safe and secure
  • Using personalized watermarks for added security

Keeping confidential documents secure is vital, not only in an Out-Licensing situation but across the entire organization, across multiple cooperating organizations and in all your processes and project, among internal or even with 3rd party stakeholders involved.


Keep effective control over valuable documents and assets such as your IP is not always easy. Watch this webinar to understand the challenges and learn about the potential solutions as well.

In an Out licensing project, it is essential to maintain an effective and secure control over you intellectual property as it represents one of your, if not the most, valuable assets in the entire process. Every out licensing solution that you look at will either limit your ability to conform to your business processes or help you smooth the flow and will integrate into the business process. The easy part is over with the due diligence process. Out licensing, as part of monetizing your intellectual property in the pharmaceutical industry, needs to be an end-to-end theme that is key to successful project completion.

Any technological solution that looks to cater to pharmaceutical out licensing has to support tsrategic decision making and improve the communication process among all legal and research stakeholders, such as alliance partners, lawyers, research organisations. As the IP is in fact the most precious element in the entire process, a secure yet flexible management framework needs to be in place for projects to come to successful fruition.