Introducing a new business model for CMOs implementing serialization

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This webinar hosted by industry experts, Bob Celeste, former Director at GS1 Healthcare US and Torben Vogt,Global PharmaDirector at Videojet Technologies examines the options that CMOs and pharma SMEs have when implementing serialization, and the challenges involved in these processes.

Benefits of attending this webinar: 

  1. Be one of the first to hear about an innovative new business model proposal for CMOs to help reduce costs and complexity from serialization implementation.
  2. Get helpful/practical tips on overcoming the main challenges of implementation. 
  3. Hear answers from highly experienced speakers who can discuss approaches and offer ideas for handling Track & Trace compliance transition. 

Challenges this webinar addresses:

  1. Finding cost effective solutions that reduce the complexity from implementation of serialization.
  2. Getting the code format right - one of the critical parts of the project
  3. Choosing the right printing technology for your business - pros and cos and tools to help you select

Pharma & biotech professionals who should view this webinar: 

Project/Planning Managers, Engineering Managers, Production Managers, Quality Managers, Line Managers, Site Managers, CEO, Operations Managers. 

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Bob Celeste Founder Center for Supply Chain Studies
Torben Vogt Global Pharma Director Videojet Technologies Ltd